Saturday, 30 July 2011

EPayroll - E Pay Slip AG Punjab System Failed - AG Punjab is Helpless

It is reported by hundreds of employees of Punjab - Pakistan that the newly introduced system of epayroll by AG Punjab is failed that no body from Punjab or any part of Pakistan can access this page. According to PakEducators  comments made by hundreds of viewer they are unable to access the AG Punjab official website to check their pay slips. The server of AG website is down since last three days. The issue was brought in the notice of sleeping IT officials of this website but nothing has been done to restore the website system. The employees of Punjab demanded that the system of epayroll should be restored without any delay and updated payslips according to the revised pay scale of 2011 be available to all the employees through this website in public interest. The delay in this regard is causing frustration among the people of Punjab as they are anxious to see their revised par slip. The employees Union and individuals appreciated this system as they will get the facility in their office or home and lot of time, money, paper and resource will saved. They won't have to pay the account office the bribe for payslips. Some of the visitors demanded the Chief Minister Of Punjab - Pakistan Mian Shahbaz Sharif to take action the officials responsible to restore the system.
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  2. for female teacher it is difficult to get pay slip far away from home . so this issue should be solve soon.